1st January: "Jour de l’An" – New Year Festivities

Opening of the Carnival Season – The biggest show in Guadeloupe! Carnival revellers “mass” come out on the streets and exhibit their joy and costumes every Sunday afternoon in the various cities. Street parades, bright costumes, dances and vibrant music celebrating the reign of King Vaval – the Carnival King!



Carnival … to be continued! Carnival reaches its climax during the “jours gras” (4 days) preceding Ash Wednesday. Street parades, bands, groups of revellers, floats, pageants, jump ups, masquerade balls, competitions for the Carnival King and Queen titles in Pointe-à-Pitre, Basse-Terre and other major cities.

Ash Wednesday: Dressed in black and white, the Carnival goers mourn their King Vaval burnt on a bonfire. Carnival Time is now over and the Lent period starts.

“Les Nuits Caraïbes” – Music festival Classical and romantic music performed in intimate surroundings; various venues on Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. W: http://www.nuits-caraibes.com



"Mi-Carême" – Mid Lent Reprise of Carnival festivities, but for one day only! Dressed in red and black, the Carnival revellers celebrate the return of the Carnival King!

"Le FEMI", Regional and International Film Festival of Guadeloupe Full-length and short films competition, including meetings and seminars with directors, writers and actors Various venues on Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. W: http://www.lefemi.com

"La Karujet" – World Jet Ski championship with the participation of competitors from more than 10 nations. Departure from Plage de Viard, Petit-Bourg – Grande-Terre W: http://www.karujet.com



"Le Guadarun" - A 95 miles raid adventure covering in 6 stages the islands of the Guadeloupe archipelago: La Désirade, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. W: http://www.guadarun.com

"Le Caribulles", Baie-Mahault – Basse-Terre Guadeloupe Festival of Comic Strips W: http://www.caribulles.com

Pâques - Easter, a Christian celebration Fun filled family traditional beach parties during the long week-end, with Creole food galore: Ti Punch, Boudin créole, Matété à Crabes, Calalou, Curry Billy Goat, Coconut ice cream... Public holiday

Fête du Crabe - Crab Fest in Morne-à-l’Eau, Grande-Terre, a culinary event, demonstrations, competitions and tastings.

Fête du Poisson - Fish Fest in Saint-François, Grande-Terre, a culinary event, demonstrations, competitions and tastings

Fête du Cabri - Goat Fest in La Désirade, a culinary event, demonstrations, competitions and tastings

Le Terra Festival, A film festival focussing on the protection of the environment and on the sustainable development W: http://www.terrafestival.org

International Convention of Caribbean Authors



1st May Fête du Travail – Labour Day Public holiday

8th May Commemoration of the end of World War II and of the victory of the allied forces; Official ceremonies and military pageants Public holiday

L’Ascension - Christ Ascension A Christian celebration

"La Pentecôte" – Pentecost Festival – A Christian celebration Fun filled family traditional beach parties during the long week-end, with Creole food galore: Ti Punch, Boudin créole, Accras Giraumon/Malanga, Coconut ice cream... Public holiday

"Le Terre de Blues Festival": Marie-Galante’s big musical event with top billed international performers; Grand-Bourg – Marie-Galante W: http://terresdeblues.com

27th May: Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery Remembrance Day celebrating the abolishment of slavery with various official ceremonies, cultural and sportive events; Tribute to Delgrès, Ignace and Solitude, the local heroes and martyrs of the Guadeloupe Islands’ History Public holiday

"L’Open de Saint-François" – Grande-Terre A Golf tournament gathering more than 100 competitors coming from all over Europe. The Top Golf event organized in the French West Indies W: http://www.opendesaintfrancois.com

"Land Rover Fishing Festival" Guadeloupe Deep-sea fishing tournament Marina de Saint-François – Grande-Terre W: http://landroverfishingfestival.com



"Le Volcano Trail", an international trekking competition focussing on the Soufrière Volcano in Basse-Terre W: http://www.altitudestropicales.com

21st June: "Fête de la Musique" - National Music Celebration Day Various concerts and musical events organized in various locations

Tour Cycliste de Marie-Galante: Cycling race around Marie-Galante

National Archaeology Day: Various exhibitions and visits of archaeological sites



"Festival de Gwo Ka", Sainte-Anne – Grande-Terre The local drum called « KA » is at the very heart of this festival featuring Gwo Ka music and dances. On that particular occasion, the Ka‘s virtuosos (new stars and veterans) get together for a fantastic musical happening! W: http://www.ville-sainteanne.fr

Tour de la Guadeloupe en canots à voile traditionnelle (TGVT) Sailing regatta around the islands for the traditional « saintoise » boats

14th July: Fête Nationale. It’s Bastille Day! Official ceremonies, military pageants, fireworks display Public holiday

21st July: Tribute to Victor SCHOELCHER who fought for the abolition of Slavery Official military ceremonies

"Festival International du Zouk de la Guadeloupe" One week of musical celebrations of ZOUK, the musical landmark in the French West Indies! Public musical entertainments in various locations W: http://www.festivalduzouk.com

"Festival International de la Gastronomie Traditionnelle de Guadeloupe", Pointe-à-Pitre – Grande-Terre A culinary event with the participation of local chefs and some renowned guests coming from the Caribbean, from France and other parts of the world



"Tour Cycliste International de la Guadeloupe" A cycling race touring Guadeloupe with more than 10 international cycling teams covering the 1300 km in 9 stages The most popular sport event in the Islands

"La Fête des Cuisinières", Pointe-à-Pitre – Grande-Terre The Women Cooks’ Festival! Guadeloupe celebrates its Culinary Arts and pays tribute to the Cooks and Chefs and their patron saint, Saint-Laurent!

15th August: "Fête de l’Assomption", a Christian celebration The ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary Public holiday

Celebrations of Communal Patron Saints: Baillif, Vieux-Fort, Bouillante, La Désirade, Grand-Bourg de Marie-Galante, Petit-Bourg, Pointe-Noire, Sainte-Rose, Terre-de-Bas et de Terre-de-Haut (Les Saintes), Trois-Rivières, Capesterre Belle-Eau, Saint-Louis de Marie-Galante, Le Gosier et Saint-Claude.



"Les Journées du Patrimoine" - National Heritage Days During the last week-end of September, museums, historical sites and monuments, often closed to the public, are open free of charge



"Journée du Créole", Créole Day Various cultural events celebrating the Creole language (exhibitions, plays, poetry reading and communal competitions in various locations)



1st November: "La Toussaint", All Saints’ Day - a Christian celebration The Guadeloupe Islands celebrate their deceased In the cemeteries, thousands of candles light up the graves creating a strange unreal atmosphere Public holiday

"Le Triskell Cup": A sailing event. One of the largest regattas in the French Caribbean W: http://triskellcup.com

11th November Armistice - Remembrance Day End of World War I Commemoration, official ceremonies Public holiday

"La Route du Rhum Saint-Malo / Pointe-à-Pitre" A mythical sailing race taking place every four years with multi-hull boats racing from Saint-Malo and Pointe-à-Pitre Various festivities to celebrate the winners and other skippers in Pointe-à-Pitre (Place de la Victoire) and at Marina Bas-du-Fort

"Le Gwadloup’ Festival" - Musical event - Various locations W: http://www.cr-guadeloupe.fr



"Festival Îlojazz"; Pointe-à-Pitre – Grande-Terre Big musical event with the participation of top billed international performers and the islands’ best music artists; master classes, concerts W: http://www.ville-pointeapitre.fr

"L’Avent" – Advent Time “Les Chantés Nwel” - During this period, traditional Christmas celebrations all over the islands with Christmas Carols sung Creole Style

"Jou a Tradisyon" - Parc d’activités économiques de Jarry – Baie-Mahault A big market and a huge fair; all products are “Made in Gwadloup” W: www.baiemahault.fr

25th December: NOËL! CHRISTMAS!
A Christian celebration Lots of festivities starting with the traditional Midnight mass followed by a generous réveillon shared with relatives and friends including a traditional menu of Shrubb, Boudin (Black pudding), Pâté, Christmas Ham, Peas, Pork Ragout and Champagne! Parties and dancing Public holiday

31st December La Saint-Silvestre - New Year’s Eve Festive Celebrations
Réveillons, parties and dancing