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Marie Galante

Marie-Galante’s culture and environment have remained untouched by tourism. Also known as the Island of a Hundred Windmills, this haven of peace is known for its unspoiled beaches. Nicknamed La Grande Galette (the big cookie) because of its round shape, the sugar cane and rum industries have shaped the lives of its inhabitants—the island’s rum is the best and most potent in Guadeloupe! The island is divided into three districts—Grand-Bourg, Capesterre, and Saint-Louis. You’ll still come across the occasional ox-drawn cart, not to mention that cockfighting and ox pulling competitions are still very much a part of the local and popular culture.

Marie-Galante hosts the Terre de Blues festival in June during Pentecost weekend. This annual festival is by far the biggest musical event on the archipelago.

Local specialities include the Bébélé (a dish made of tripe and green bananas) and the Chaudage (a local beef stew).

Major sites include:

  • Le Château Murat—a former sugar plantation
  • La Feuillère beach, Capesterre
  • L’Église Notre-Dame de Marie-Galante, Grand-Bourg
  • Le Moulin de Bézard—the only windmill currently in operation
  • The Bellevue, Bielle, and Poisson distilleries
  • L’Anse-Canot—a small creek sets between two hills
  • Gueule Grand Gouffre (hiking trail)